Speak Out Though Not Spoken To

Julia Roberts wore more clothing in Pretty Woman….. and she was portraying a  HOOKER! I’m not going to provide a lengthy rant on this video because I feel that anyone with a brain cell and sense of decency will realize why this is unacceptable.  These are young impressionable children, and you find it perfectly acceptable to parade them about in skimpy costumes as they dance suggestively by thrusting their crotches at the audience and roll their hips like they’re fucking Beyonce!?  What has this world come to, people? It’s bad enough for a grown woman to present herself on stage as nothing more than sexual entertainment, but these are seven year old little girls! I think this is the time to instill in them a sense of dignity, and pride. Not that the less clothes they wear, the more suggestively they act, and more makeup they pack on their…

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