Speak Out Though Not Spoken To

I’ve never been accused of being incredibly sensitive when it comes to the inevitable overly-sexualized-hyper-feminine-idealization that’s presented in most, if not all ad campaigns and marketing. I have, however, been the type to laugh and remark humorously as to what the connection is between half naked models and my need to buy batteries. Yet, lately I’ve relied mostly on Hulu for all my television adventures. As such, I’ve noticed that Hulu has teamed up with Malibu Coconut Rum, and as most of my fellow Huluers also know, you see the same damn commercial a thousand times in one day. Now, this didn’t dawn on me instantly. I had to see the ad quite a few times before I began not only taking notice, but become increasingly annoyed with the purely sexualized images of women. One of the most frustrating was that of an African American woman, in a kitchen, with a martini…

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