My Tender Gender

When I first moved to my neighborhood a few years ago, I started looking for somewhere I could get a haircut. I ended up in this fucked up homo-/trans-phobic barbershop, where the female employee:

1) couldn’t understand that I wanted a man’s haircut

2) told me that cutting hair on a man’s head or on a women’s head were two entirely different things

3) told me if anyone asked, I had to pretend to be her cousin

4) informed me that if I wanted to come back again it would have to be at closing time, as she didn’t want to scare away the other customers (at the time, I was the only person there…).

The worst part was that I paid for the haircut.

The best part is that I walked by there the other day, and it’s being torn down. HA! Take that, you fuckers.

Throughout my life…

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