I’ve thought (too) long and (too) hard about the question of why radical feminists hate transsexual women. At first it seemed like a simple matter of a group of people prizing ideological purity over the inconvenient life experiences of other people: a sociopathic outlook, perhaps, but still a logical one.

Then I got to thinking: this is not some mere ideological dispute; these are people who, in a lot of cases, genuinely want the lot of us dead*; and, indeed, looking across their discussion boards, they seem to have circled their wagons in a reactionary formation against the rising tide of transgender acceptance, jettisoning any redeeming features that their ideology might ever once have had in defense of a monomaniacal obsession with hating us. Indeed, they remind of absolutely nothing so much as contemporary Christian fundamentalists who are so defensive against secularists, liberals and (especially) gays that they have completely…

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