Radically Queer

I will have more to say on this soon, with concrete examples, once I do some research.  But tonight, I need to get a rant off my chest.  I’m sick of hypocrisy when it comes to trans rights.  I’m sick of people getting the cheers and young trans radical accolades from “focus on the most marginalized among us” rhetoric and then treating actual trans women like shit.

To paraphrase Flavia Dozdan, my trans activism will reject transmisogyny or it will be bullshit.

It is not okay to talk about structural violence and systematic oppression in the abstract and then be a transmisogynist in your spare time.  Part of being a radical trans activist is confronting your internalized transmisogyny and your own privilege, whatever kind of privilege that may be.

I’m not saying that I’m never hypocritical.  Confronting examples of racism in my own actions that runs counter to my activism…

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