Radically Queer

It seems that it’s almost daily now that we’re hearing coming out stories.  Anderson Cooper, Frank Ocean, now Sally Ride’s sexuality being discussed after her death.  The conversation surrounding these public figures has been mixed, but I want to take a moment to reiterate my stance on the whole coming out fervor, which is basically that coming out is, as a whole, value-neutral.  And in many cases it is actively harmful, perpetuates imperialist and capitalist systems, and silences those who are queer in unsanctioned ways.

There was some discussion on Twitter yesterday about the idea of #invitingin rather than coming out.  I’m reminded again of Hasan El-Menyawi’s brilliant piece, “Activism from the Closet,” in which he argues for coalition building in Egypt and elsewhere that focuses on bringing those with similar interests into the “closet” (envisioned as a safe space for community-building), rather than forcing queers out into…

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