equal means equal

UPDATE: 08-24-2012

A DMCA notice was sent for the screenshots that were captured from Brennan’s Facebook page! The hypocrisy! This is what she does on her own blogs all the time. What this tells me is that this article struck a nerve with her so I have removed the images and replaced them with text.

I have recently started to participate in activism for equality, which includes for everyone, not just a specific community. As I began to dive into these waters, I had no idea just how infested it would be with sharks. I have come across some of the most horrific transphobia I have ever seen and it is from within the LGBT community.

It didn’t take long to discover one of the most vicious transphobes on the Internet, Cathy Brennan, who is a lawyer and partner at Hudson Cook, LLP. She is a self-identified radical lesbian separatist…

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