eumenide, one day

[editors note: Hi. This essay gets like, five times the number of hits anything else does on this blog, so I guess it’s time for a few notes. You may have noticed that pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE on this website is fiction, prose, and poetry. There’s a reason for that. I wrote this essay years ago, in one draft, in one night, without really considering anyone would pay attention to it. A few terms I use have fallen out of fashion (notably, the inclusion of that C in “CAxAB”). This piece does not in any way address the way race and class intersect with gender-based violence (here’s a hint: it’s a pretty big fxing deal). I have since recanted my affiliation with “queer” as an identifier and a source of community, and am much more interested in building an effective real-time framework for survival rather than being witty and catty…

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