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On Choice, Gender, and Not Throwing Trans Women Under the Bus

Seven years ago, I chose to have an abortion.

Writing this, I hesitated on whether to use that phrasing.  To describe my experience in more specific terms, I was anxious about a possible pregnancy and used an herbal emmenagogue. This is a very different experience from ending a pregnancy that is definitely underway, or from accessing care at a clinic under any circumstances. I have no wish to co-opt other people’s experiences.

I do, however, wish to claim the choice. In many ways, it’s a matter of solidarity; we are in a time when people who have abortions, and people who help, are shamed, attacked, dragged through political mudslinging and used as rhetorical – if not physical – punching bags.  Some part of me (perhaps one of the more self-destructive parts) responds to anti-choice attacks with “you want a…

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