Demand the Change, Change of Heart

By Lauren Chow (MNCASA Prevention Intern)

About a month ago, at the NYC Dyke March, a controversial incident took place that sparked a lot of debate on the internet. What exactly happened? Cathy Brennan, a radical feminist known for her anti-trans* rights stance, was approached by – and consequently engaged in a shouting match with – a group of trans women and allies. Brennan later claimed that the women assaulted and sexually harassed her, demanding that the Dyke March be for only “women born women”. Her logic behind this is that trans women are ‘really’ men trying to gain access to women-only spaces to sexually assault them.

Clearly, there is some faulty logic going on when a woman refuses to recognize another woman’s gender identity.

This occurrence is sadly only one of a whole host of transphobic incidents that have taken place within the feminist movement. Trans women have historically…

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